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  • Email Marketing

    With the proliferation of emails, it is harder then ever to execute successful email marketing campaigns. With a proliferation of different email clients and devices, improved spam protection software and ever stricter privacy controls, it is becoming harder and harder to generate genuine results from email marketing. It is possible though, but it requires a quality database, effective segmentation and professional email design and development. This is where we come in. Brightfox helps hundreds of organisations throughout the World design and execute high quality email campaigns to thousands of customers every day. We understand the myriad of different design elements that go into making email marketing campaigns a success. Every email we build is tested to ensure it is optimised for all major email clients and all major devices, from the iPhone and iPad to Outllook on a PC, and many many more (we are not joking ... just think about how many different smart phone and tablet screen sizes alone there are).

    We provide a range of options allowing you as much or as little control over the process as you need. You can get involved or let us take care of it all!   Send us your template or let us design one for you. We can integrate your emails to work with your existing email or CRM platform or we can set you up with a hosted marketing solution based on your needs.

    Looking for a Managed Email Marketing Service? Look no further!

    • We have an expert in-house design team with years of experience building property EDM’s.
    • Get your own email marketing system with foxMessenger or let us take care of it all!
    • See what makes your customers tick and track everything with detailed analytics and insights
    • We understand Property and what works
    • Optimised design – ensuring consistency across all mobile devices

    Get in touch and stay connected

    Email marketing is still one of the most cost effective ways to generate interest and convert an enquiry for your project. A clever email and SMS marketing campaign will create relationships, keep your brand relevant, build loyalty and provide trackable results.


    Design it yourself, or we’ll do it for you

    Our web development team have years of experience in building effective EDM's for the marketing of residential and commercial Projects. Our team ensure your EDM's have the essential ingredients to maximise both impact and your enquiry rate.


    Free 30 Day Trial

    Register now for your free 30 day trial of foxMessenger and see how effective professional email marketing can be.


    Hand coded or template driven

    With our managed email marketing service you have the ability to code your own EDMs or we can create re-usable templates for you. Our service accommodates any and all businesses looking to harness the power of an email marketing system. Whether you have your own graphic design team that can create the code in house or you simply need a template that you can re-use on the fly, Brightfox has you covered.


    See exactly what makes your customers tick

    Get valuable insights from every campaign you send with interactive reports. Watch your email campaign results unfold live and see who received, opened, clicked and shared your emails and who is reading your emails on a desktop vs a mobile. Use click maps for a quick visual representation of your email clicks. Find out which email addresses bounced and why.


    Professional Email Design For Fixed Cost & Turn Around

    We build fully responsive and cross device compatible emails for as little as $100 - all with a guaranteed turn around time. Contact us for your fixed price quote today!


    Beautiful design on any device

    More than 50% of all emails are now opened on a mobile device. Optimizing email campaigns for mobile is no longer optional. Brightfox can help you create campaigns that work across multiple environments, from the desktop to the browser to mobile devices. We design and program campaigns to drive results, no matter where they’re viewed.


    Tested on all Major Email Clients

    There is nothing worse than receiving an email on your mobile phone or in Outlook that contains broken images, misaligned content or goes straight to your spam folder. We thoroughly test all of our emails before sending to ensure that they work perfectly for everyone.


    Real-time Analytics – Never Miss A Beat

    Email conversion is not just about the clicks, it’s about providing a deep insight into the interactions of your customers. Brightfox provides expert integration with your Google Analytics to give you a keen insight into what your contacts are accessing. This includes monitoring their behaviour from your email campaign, through your site and onto your registration or contact forms.


    foxMessenger - Your Very Own Email Marketing System

    foxMessenger is powerful yet uniquely simple online software that provides you with hands-on management of your SMS and Email marketing requirements. With foxMessenger you can easily:

    • Create powerful email campaigns using a drag ‘n’ drop interface.
    • Build, profile and target customer databases.
    • Efficiently track and analyse SMS and Email results in real time.
    • foxMessenger's unique wizard will walk and talk you through the main features of the system. In just 5 minutes you will have created, sent and tracked your first campaign.

    Features at a Glance

    Send thousands of emails

    Simple to use interface

    Design stunning emails

    Design and send newsletters

    Integrate with registration form

    Send SMS campaign

    Integrated un-subscribe functionality

    Quick upload and export function

    Track Open Rates & Click Throughs

    Cost Tracking

    Multi-User Security Support

    Run multiple contact databases

    Schedule sends for optimum open rates

    Social Media Integration

    Manage Events

    Full spam & privacy act compliance


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    In the interim, please call:
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