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  • BrightfoxCRM is the CRM of choice for the Australia’s leading property developers, project marketers and real estate firms.

    BrightfoxCRM is the product of over 20 years experience in building CRM software for the property industry. It has been built from the ground up to meet the specific needs of property professionals involved in the sales and marketing of new projects.

    Our BrightfoxCRM is unique in that it consists of two software applications working as one to provide the best outcomes for each part of your business. foxEnterpriseCRM is feature rich and ideal for managers and contract administrators. There is no other CRM that can compare for sheer functionality and powerful systemisation of your business. To ensure that salespeople on the other hand can use our CRM, we have developed SalesCRM. It is beautiful, simple, fast and available on mobile devices. Together they provide all the powerful functionality to systemise your business coupled with ease of use that you must have to encourage salespeople to use your software.

    Property CRM made for the sales & marketing of new property

    • Built specifically to meet the needs of the property industry
    • Mobile friendly and simple to use - your salespeople will love it!
    • Ready to implement now - no expensive and risky customisation by software developers required
    • Be up and running in days - not months.
    • The CRM of choice for many of Australia's leading property firms
    • Integrate with broad range of 3rd party solutions to create a truly integrated business

    Made from the ground up for the Property Industry

    BrightfoxCRM is made exclusively to meet the specific requirements of the property industry. In particular our CRM is perfect for Property Developers, Project Marketers, Real Estate Agents and Retirement Village Operators.


    A CRM for your admin team + a CRM for your sales team

    The BrightfoxCRM combines the most powerful CRM available today, loaded with features and functions built over the past 20 years experience, with a mobile and salespeople friendly CRM that together give you the best of both worlds – a powerful CRM that is packed full of features for your administration teams, and a simple and mobile friendly CRM that is easy to use and 100% made for your sales team.


    Over 20 yrs of World Best Practice

    We have been building CRM solutions for property professionals around the World for over 20 years. BrightfoxCRM is a proven, trusted and robust CRM that will provide you with a property industry specific CRM that works the way you do.


    Get up and running in days – not months

    A BrightfoxCRM can be up and running for you as quickly as 2 weeks if necessary. Why can it be so fast and so easy? Because we have built the CRM from the ground up to meet the specific needs of the Australia property industry. No US terminology, no functionality built for large US multinationals, no need for programmers to scope your workflow and so on. Our CRM is a proven product that will work for you out of the box…so to speak.


    The Choice for Australia’s Leading Property Companies

    Many of Australia’s most successful and innovative property companies use the BrightfoxCRM. Companies such as small first time developers, experienced project marketers or some of Australia's largest developers, all use our CRM to improve marketing, sales and customer service. With an array of features that can be easily turned on and off, the BrightfoxCRM can be a simple or as powerful as you need it. Rest assured that if you implement the BrightfoxCRM you will be in good company.


    A CRM your sales people will love

    Our SalesCRM app has been made from the ground up to meet the specific needs of salespeople. It is beautiful to look at, simple and fast to use, and most importantly, includes only functions your salespeople need and nothing else. If you are constantly frustrated with salespeople not using your CRM, then our SalesCRM app is the solution. SalesCRM seamlessly integrates with our BrightfoxCRM to give you the most complete property CRM available today.


    So much more than a CRM. A BrightfoxCRM is a complete integrated sales solution

    Build a full suite of solutions fully integrated to your BrightfoxCRM. App’s, sales portals, website, touchscreens, email integration and more, right across your business and your marketing networks is all possible. 


    The BrightfoxCRM has a vast array of features developed over the past 10 years to meet some of the most sophisticated needs in the industry. All of these features can however be turned on and off as you require it, ensuring that your CRM has only the features you need now.

    Prospects & Purchasers

    Capture, track and market to every contact. Build a database of 1 or 10,000+ prospects and purchasers. Understand intermitently where your enquiries are coming from, what they are interested in and where they are buying. Segment and profile your database through advanced search filters.

    Properties & Listings

    Build a database of projects, properties, listing and/or leases. It is perfect for managing a property portfolio, tracking greenfield sites and managing hundreds and even thousands of listings. All property data can of course be grouped by Project - amongst many other essential relationships.

    Contract Administration

    Track every deal, from reservation through to settlement. Holds, deposits, stakeholders, rebates, commissions, and more, all captured and managed with powerful reporting, mail merging and more.


    Integrated SMS, email and traditional mail merge functionality across all modules provides powerful marketing functionality. Project and listing content can be managed and uploaded easily to multiple sites, including major real estate portals.


    Build advertising campaigns and workflows. A management tool for complex campaigns and powerful reporting providing true cost of lead generation and cost of sale.

    Trust Accounting

    For firms that require a trust account, BrightfoxCRM provides a sales trust account built specifically for project marketers.


    Track every commission agreement, terms and %. Automatically generate full commission payment schedules with %/$ payments for every sale. If you sell lots of property and have complicated commission structures, then this module is for you.

    Custom Workflows

    Create custom workflows generating emails and activities as required to systemise and automate your business. It will not only action logical next steps in your business, it will even proactively action workflows when events do not occur or have not occurred by due dates. 


    When you implement BrightfoxCRM you will immediately have access to over 50 industry leading reports that are used every day by some of the leading property firms in Australia. Developed and refined over 10 years, they are industry best practice and will immediately provide new and deeper insights into your business for your firm and your key stakeholders.

    Why do Salespeople love the BrightfoxCRM?

    Because our SalesCRM app is made just for them… and it is so, so simple to use.

    Worried our CRM may be too complicated for you?

    Don’t worry. Ask us about our BrightfoxCRM Lite solution which is perfect for small to medium Developers. From as little as $200/mth it may be just what you need to move your business to the next level.


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