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  • Agent Portals

    Imagine being able to sell your apartment project, house & land estate or land estate 24 hours a day, providing high quality sales & marketing information seamlessly to hundreds of agents no matter where they are.

    An Agent Portal is a secure website that can be exclusively accessed by your internal or external agents to gain access to a wide range of essential sales and marketing information and tools. Successful project marketing requires the ability to sell through direct and in-direct sales channels. Brightfox Agent Portals are simply the best way to build and service a national and international network of external agents and introducers.

    At their most basic a Brightfox Agent Portal provides real time stock availability and real time reservations. At their most advanced a Brightfox Agent Portal can provide fly through building videos, 3D rotating building or estate renders, live building availability search, secure prospect registration and updating, live reservations and even full contract administration privileges. Completely tailored and designed to your specifications!

    5 Reasons to Build your Very Own Agent Portal:

    • Real time transactions – 24/7 7 days a week
    • Live availability at your fingertips
    • All your sales and marketing material at your in one central and secure location
    • Build your own international sales network without the need for third party platforms
    • Got Big ideas? – We specialise in Custom solutions.

    Your portal - Doing business your way

    A Brightfox Sales portal is customised to look, feel and function exactly the way you want it to, because every business is unique. It will include all of your business logic and requirements, ensuring transactions online meet the same standards and processes you require offline. Best of all your information is yours and not part of anyone else’s website. 


    Do Business 24/7 from Anywhere around the World

    In an international market place you need to be doing business 24/7, 7 days a week. A Brightfox sales portal provides your internal and external sales network everything they need to makes sales where & whenever they need. A Brightfox agent portal solution will ensure International sales trip are more successful than ever. No longer will your agents travel to weekend seminars or international sales meetings to find there printed stock lists are of out date. 


    Live Availability Always at Your Fingertips

    You can now give your sales network the confidence that no double up reservations will ever occur again. Your internal and external sales teams can make real time reservations in an instant with a Brightfox agent portal. Never again will your sales team make weekend or late night phone calls to your contracts team to reserve a lot or check its availability. 


    Your Sales & Marketing Hub

    Using a Brightfox agent portal all your important sales and marketing information is stored in one central and secure location giving your network all the resources they need to sell your project. Our agent portals can provide all your high quality sales & marketing information seamlessly to hundreds of agents no matter where they are. Our B-Suite document management tools make adding, updating and removing documents through our entire eco-system, including your agent portal, a breeze.


    Build Your Own International Sales Network

    Rather than spending your time and money listing your projects on third party investment portals, invest your time in growing an international sales network on your very own agent portal. It will increase your international sales whilst lowering the cost of sale. Brightfox Agent Portals can even be deployed in multi-lingual format to make it even easier target specific markets. A Brightfox Agent Portal will be the tool that enables you to build and service a dedicated sales channel for your Project. Agents, advisors and referrers can access the portal and do business with you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


    Simple, Easy and 100% Security Ensured

    Your documentation is 100% secure and accessed via your own unique credentials becoming your exclusive platform for sharing information with your internal and external sales team. Everything at your fingertips and none of the leg work lugging cumbersome marketing kits. This is the power of a Brightfox designed Agent Portal. 


    Got big ideas? – We specialise in custom solutions

    At Brightfox we specialise in custom technology solutions, our portals are completely tailored and designed to your specifications! Come to us with your requirements and we can make it happen. Our portals can feature as little or as much functionality as you need. Looking for full contract administration privileges? 3D building rotation? Live reporting dashboards? Elevation Sales Matrixes? All of this is and more is possible with a Brightfox agent portal.  


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